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Welcome to Erestor's Kato Memorial Go Server EGS

This is a turn-based go server where you can play games of go and rengo. Just register or login to start.

Version 1.11

  • Optimized rendering engine (1.11.8).
  • Added a list of donors to the header (1.11.7).
  • Added rengo support (1.11.6).
  • Fixed a bug preventing users with very long Facebook ID from registering with the go application (1.11.5).
  • More fixes to byoyomi functionality, hope everything is fine now (1.11.4).
  • Fixed a critical bug causing byo-yomi clock not to work reliably and finishing some games prematurely (1.11.3).
  • Fixed a bug preventing some Internet Explorer users from marking the dead stones (1.11.2).
  • Fixed a bug in SGF support (1.11.1).
  • Set up a game of rengo easily just by ticking a check box in the Create game screen. It will be automatically flagged as Rengo (Rengo), so everyone will see that you're up to a social game rather than a serious one.
  • If you flag a game as Favorite, you'll see a Favorite icon next to it in the game lists.
  • Notification is sent when a game you're playing finishes.

Version 1.10

  • Users can now flag games as favorite, boring, or whatever they like, using the Add flag icon in the goban display screen.

Version 1.9

  • Another new setting allows users to display labels on the board.
  • Move confirm and cancel buttons have been changed from blue to green and red.

What's expected soon?

  • Kanji labels for the goban.

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